The New Zealand Wound Care Society Inc

2017 Scholarships

The New Zealand Wound Care Society is showing its support for education of health professionals involved in wound management by offering nine (9) Scholarship Awards in 2016. The scholarships available include:

  • Four (4) awards of $250, available for any educational course or study days which are wound-related
  • Two (2) awards of $1000 for post-graduate study in Wound Management either in New Zealand or overseas
  • Three (3) awards of $1000 for attendance at a National or International Wound Conference;

In addition we are offering Six (6) 'REGISTRATION ONLY' Scholarships to attend the NZWCS 8th National Conference in Rotorua 18-20 May 2017.

(All scholarships can be used for study or conferences in New Zealand or overseas)

NZWCS Scholarship Flyer

The closing date for applications is the 31st of October 2016

Please Note: Applicants for these scholarships must be current Full Members of the New Zealand Wound Care Society and have been a member for a minimum of one year at the time of application, and have the support of their manager to undertake the course of study or conference.

Download the Scholarship Application Form (MS Word document - 145 kb)

Past Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to all the Previous NZWCS Scholarship Recipients

2010 Scholarship Recipients

Pip Rutherford - to attend the AWMA conference in Perth, Western Australia (read Pip's conference report)

Paula McKinnel - to undertake a post-graduate paper in Wound Management at Massey University.


2011 Scholarship Recipients

Joanne Hunter - to undertake post-graduate study

Susie Wendelborne - to attend the NZWCS Conference

Christine Cumming - to attend the NZWCS Conference (read Christine's conference report)

Cathy Hammond - to attend the NZWCS Conference (read Cathy's conference report)

Diane Hishon - to attend the NZWCS Conference (read Diane's conference report)


2012 Scholarship Recipient

Dawn Sutton - international conference attendance


2013 Scholarship Recipients

Emil Schmidt - Post Grad Study

Jan Johnson - CPIT Course (read Jan's CPIT course report)

Joanna Sampson - Post Grad Study (read Joanna's Post Grad Study on Paper 730 report)

Julie Vickery - National Conference (read Julie's conference report)

Leigh Shaw - International Conference (read Leigh's conference report)

Elizabeth Frost - National Conference (read Liz's conference report)

Pauline O'Donnell - Post Grad Study (read Pauline's Post Grad Study report)

Treena Harris - International Conference (read Treena's conference report)


2014 Scholarship Recipient

Val Ryan - CPIT Course (read Val's CPIT course report)


2015 Scholarship Recipients

Amanda Pressley - National conference attendance - Report not submitted

Cathy Dickson - National conference attendance (read Cathy's conference report)

Christine Cumming - National conference attendance (read Christine's conference report)

Elaine Yelland - Post Grad Study (read Elaine's Scholarship report)

Elizabeth Frost - National conference attendance (read Liz's conference report)

Heather Johnson - National conference attendance (read Heather's conference report)

Jenny Philips - National conference attendance (read Jenny's conference report)

Judith Geary - National conference attendance - Report not submitted

Many Pagan - National conference attendance (read Mandy's conference report)

Pam Mitchell - International conference attendance (read Pam's conference report)

Sharyn Flynn - National conference attendance (read Sharyn's conference report)

Teresa James - National conference attendance (read Teresa's conference report)

Treena Harris - international conference attendance (read Treena's conference report)

Wendy Dragt - National conference attendance (read Wendy's conference report)

Wendy Mildon - National conference attendance (read Wendy's conference report)


2016 Scholarship Recipients

Emil Schmidt - International conference attendance

Yvonne Denny - International conference attendance