The New Zealand Wound Care Society Inc

NZWCS Conference 2013

Auckland, 23-25 May 2013 at the Pullman Hotel and conference centre.

Keynote speakers:

Professor Gregory Schultz (United States)

Professor Neil Piller (Australia)

Professor Roy Kimble (Australia)

Conference 2013 Presentations

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 Friday 24th May

Prof. Greg Schultz - Molecular Regulation of Tissue Repair

Invited Speaker
Wayne Naylor - Palliative Wound Care

Invited Speaker
Dr. Steven Mills - A Plastic Surgeon's View on Wounds

Prof Neil Piller - Understanding Oedema and Lymphoedema

Prof. Roy Kimble - Paediatric Burns

Stream A - Paediatrics

Jacqui Finnigan - Epidermolysis Bullosa

Diana Purvis - The skin barrier: The key to eczema

Stream B - Older Person

Dr Jill Waters - Ageing Skin from a Geriatrician's perspective

Catherine Hammond and Julie Betts - Applying the Australian and New Zealand Venous Leg Ulcer Assessment and Management Guideline in Practice

Saturday 25th May

Prof. Roy Kimble - The Management of Difficult Paediatric Wounds with Emphasis on NPWT

Invited Speaker
Christina Cullen - The impact of diet and dietary supplements on wound healing


Prof. Neil Piller - Early Detection; Its role in good treatment and management outcomes for chronic oedemas

Prof. Greg Schultz - Advances in Diagnostics & Theranostics: The Future is Here