Day 1 - Thursday 23 May 2019

Keynote speaker - Wendy White - VIDEO 'Acute to chronic transition: Choosing to change practice & address the challenge' 
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Invited speaker - Dr Amanda Oakley - VIDEO 'Skin Lesions'
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Keynote speaker - Prof Keith Harding - VIDEO 'Wound infection and biofilm treatment'
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Invited speaker - Jacqui Journeaux - VIDEO 'Diabetic foot assessment
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                       - Roger Grech - VIDEO 'Case histories to ponder'


Day 2 - Friday 24 May 2019

Keynote speaker - Wendy White - VIDEO '10 Top Tips for assessment & product selection'

Concurrent sessions

Stream 1

1.Jan Johnstone - A holistic approach to wound management
2. Sharon Cassidy - A challenging wound and the benefits of using biatain foam
3. Wayne Naylor - The challenges of wound malodour - what choices do you have?

Stream 2

4. Rebecca Aburn - Compression therapy and lymphedema what are the options?
5. Sue Lee - In search of healing - challenges and opportunites in research for lower leg ulcers
6. Rebecca Aburn - Unusual presentations in the vascular clinic: multidisciplinary approach to a complicated case.

Stream 3

7. Mandy Pagan - A pilot skin and wound care programme in two aged care facilites
8. Harminder Gill & Jenny Phillips - Lack of knowledge - what is the cost?
9. Pam Mitchell & Emily Haesler - What are the care goals and education needs of pressure injury patients and their caregivers?

Keynote speaker - Prof Keith Harding - 'Atypical wounds'

Invited speaker - TeAomihia Rangihuna - My journey using traditional Maori healing

Keynote speaker - Wendy White - 'Management of painful wounds: Stepping up to the challenge'


Day 3 - Saturday 25 May 2019

Invited speaker - Kate Collie - 'Motivational interviewing skills'

Concurrent sessions

Stream 4

10. Jenny Phillips - Wound bed preparation guideline
11. Pam Mitchell - Update on development of the international pressure injury guideline - what change will we see?
12 Emil Schmidt - Developing an evidenced based pressure injury treatment bundle using international guidelines

Stream 5

13. Rebecca Aburn & Emil Schmidt - The Samoan diabetic foot project
14. Alicia Sutton - Diabetic foot wound closure using a dermal matrix
15. Maria Ten Hove - Using a unique synthetic biodegradable wound matrix

Expert Panel - Wendy White, Jacqui Journeaux, Pam Mitchell, Prof Keith Harding - Discussion

Keynote speaker - Prof Keith Harding - 'Summary and innovation in wound care'


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