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ACC - Guiding Principles for Pressure Injury Prevention and Management in NZ (2017)

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*Note: these resources are only available for shipment to New Zealand addresses. The resources are available to download for you to print at home if you reside outside of New Zealand.

Other Available Resources

ACC, the Health Quality & Safety Commission and the Ministry of Health are all committed to working together with the sector to reduce pressure injuries in New Zealand.

Worldwide STOP Pressure Injury (Ulcer) day started in 2012 following a meeting of Spanish speaking wound care organisations who agreed and signed the Declaration of Rio. This initiative aims to increase awareness of pressure injuries amongst the public, medical professionals and politicians. The European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (EPUAP), acknowledging and applauding this work, joined and encouraged countries internationally to participate. The New Zealand Wound Care Society (NZWCS) participates each year with local Area groups organisng events to raise awareness of pressure injuries/ulcers, their prevention and management.

For Stop Pressure Injury Day, the NPIAPEPUAPand PPPIAare promoting the International Pressure Injury Guideline, which is available through the New Zealand Wound Care Society website.

The aim of the day is to raise awareness of pressure injuries and how to prevent them. Key messages are:

  • with the right knowledge and care, pressure injuries can be avoided;
  • all health professionals, carers, family/whanau members and patients have important roles to play in prevention;
  • skin care matters.

 STOP Pressure Injury Awareness Activities are planned around the country

Support for Stop PI Day is provided by:

Health, Quality and Safety Commission - Pressure Injury Prevention and Patient Stories (HQSC)

ACC - 'Guiding Principles for Pressure Injury Prevention and Management in NZ' (ACC) and

Ministry of Health - HealthCERT Bulletin 'Pressure Injury Prevention and Management' (MoH)

who have all come together with the NZWCS to again promote Pressure Injury Prevention and Stop Pressure Injury Day.


Below are some sites that have information on quality initiative changes, packages & resources for SKINS/SSKIN care bundle and audit tools available.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement USA. Registration is free to access their documents. Search using “pressure ulcers” to find relevant documents.

Wales 1000 lives campaign: a national healthcare quality and safety initiative

Tissue Viability Online: NHS Quality Improvement Scotland pressure ulcer resource website.

Other resources:

NHS (UK) website with excellent resources & videos to educate staff in improving patient care.

Excellent free educational material

UK online Journal with a section for pressure ulcers

UK website in raising awareness in preventing pressure ulcers. Resources available.

NHS (UK) website with excellent resources on healthcare quality & safety including patient interviews

European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel

Wound Australia

European Wound Management Association
End of life SCALE:

National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel (USA)
Excellent poster on medical device related PIs: