The purpose of the Leg Ulcer Advisory Group (LUAG) is to act as an expert forum to provide advice to the NZWCS National Committee on Leg Ulcers issues, and to undertake project work to address identified issues and/or needs in relation to leg ulcers in New Zealand.

There are 5 members of the LUAG

These terms of reference are to provide guidance to members of the NZWCS Leg Ulcer Advisory Group (LUAG).

The Leg Ulcer Assessment Form was developed by the NZWCS Leg Ulcer Advisory Group (LUAG) and is based on best practice guidelines. The form has been successfully trialled in seven private and public practice areas in New Zealand.

A clinical pathway is an optimal sequencing and timing of interventions by clinicians for a particular diagnosis or procedure.

These forms were developed by the Diabetic Foot Ulcer Group, led by Leigh Shaw, Specialist Podiatrist at Tauranga Hospital, a sub-group of the NZWCS Leg Ulcer Advisory Group.

Primary Care / District Nursing Diabetic Foot Assessment Form

Secondary Care Diabetic Foot Ulcer Assessment Form

This guideline was developed by the Australian Wound Management Association and the New Zealand Wound Care Society. The guideline presents a comprehensive review of the assessment, diagnosis, management and prevention of venous leg ulcers within the Australian and New Zealand health care context, based on the best evidence available up to January 2011.