Certificate Course in Wound Debridement

This New Zealand first offers a comprehensive 700-level wound debridement course with competency in conservative sharp wound debridement (CSWD).

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8 April to 16 October 2024

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What you study

The course curriculum is designed by the New Zealand Wound Care Society (NZWCS) in partnership with Wendy White WoundCare. This unique micro-credentialed course incorporates WOUNDed® learning resources with NZWCS-specific content.
Course learning includes online, self-directed learning, facilitated virtual tutorials, a two-day CSWD skills practicum (including a multidisciplinary approach to lower leg and diabetic foot disease), and one-on-one mentoring in clinical practice to gain competency.

Online video learning and tutorials.

Five patient competencies, performing conservative sharp wound debridement, are required to be assessed by your clinical Mentor(s), mentoring starts after the practicum. 

You will also attend ONE two-day, face-to-face practicum. CSWD competency assessments with your mentor/s commence after the completion of this practicum.

Face-to-face Practicum

There are a choice of two locations available for the face-to-face.

Dunedin - Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 June, 2024
Auckland - Wednesday 3 and Thursday 4 July, 2024.


 If you require assistance to find a mentor please contact the NZWCS Administrator.

Course requirements

Registered health professional (EN, RN, Nurse or Medical Practitioner, Podiatrist) working with adults and performing at least weekly, wound care procedures.
The learner will require organisational support to undertake mentor-supervised CSWD procedures within their health care setting.

Further Information or to Apply

0800 762 786

For full information and to apply go to -

Please note that applications can only be received through the above link, the course does not appear on the Otago Polytech website.