Tissue Issue Article

A $100 award to a NZWCS member or a 1-year subscription to the NZWCS for a non-member for an article written and published by NZWCS in our newsletter ‘Tissue Issue’. This newsletter is published 5 times per year and a list of future topics can be found at the end of the newsletter.
Applications for this award must be received once your article has been accepted to feature in the Tissue Issue and at least 2 months before the topic is featured in the Tissue Issue.

Best Publication

A $500 award to the best article/publication in a peer review or other recognised journal. Publication/article must have been published within the year of the application for the award.
This award is open to all members of the NZWCS. If this is a joint publication, then at least one member of the group needs to be a NZWCS member
The award of $500 is to be shared between all named contributors to the article.
Applications for this award open on 1st August with the closing date of 31st October. The award will be presented in November.

Best Runner-Up

Depending on the number of applications received for the above award, there will be up to 3 Runner-Up awards of $100 each.

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