The NZWCS is pleased once again to demonstrate its support of education for health professionals involved in wound management in Aotearoa/New Zealand by providing scholarships to our members.  This helps us to achieve our aims, as follows;

Aims of the Society

1. To improve outcomes and quality of life for patients with wound and skin integrity problems.

2. To provide and encourage best practice wound management across all health care settings.

3. To be a recognised voice at a national and local level in any issues relating to wound healing or maintaining skin integrity.

4. To participate in relevant or appropriate national and international forums and guideline development.

These aims are achieved by several means. The NZWCS encourages education at national and local levels and provides support for members to enhance their practice and knowledge in wound management by providing annual education scholarships.


Conference Related Scholarships

Aotearoa/New Zealand:

• Five scholarships of 'Registration Only' for the NZWCS national conference.
• One scholarship of $1000 per year for attendance at a national, wound-related, conference other than the NZWCS conference.

Timing:   Applications TBA


• One scholarship of $2000 per year for attendance at an international, wound-related, conference.  
• One scholarship of $4000 per year for attendance at an international, wound-related, conference with special conditions.

 Timing: The overseas scholarships will open for applications on the 1st October and close on the 31st of November.


Terms and Conditions

Applicants for all these scholarships must:

  • be a current Full Member or Corporate Member of the New Zealand Wound Care Society,
  • have been a member for a minimum of one year at the time of application,
  • not been the recipient of an NZWCS scholarship within the last 12 months,
  • have the support of their manager to attend the conference,
  • complete a report suitable for the Tissue Issue using the 'Guidance for Reflective Writing' as a guide
  • submit the report within three weeks of returning home from the conference,
  • complete an online application via the link shown below (you must be logged in to access the link)
  • read the full terms and conditions below.

reflective writing